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Get Started Today with our Free Consultation call 203-272-0014 and book now!

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Body Analysis

Body Analysis

“Accuracy of MRI or Dex Scan at fraction of cost, more convenient. Learn what you cant see.”
Body Analysis $59
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Get Personal Coaching

“You can be at your ideal weight…Remington has proved to 1000′s of clients, one body at a time – and there’s no better body to prove it to than your body!.”

- Charles Remington

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Meet The Coach

The Fat Loss Program

You can be at your ideal weight...Remington has proved to 1000's of clients, one body at a time - and there's no better body to prove it to than your body!

The Coach

For the past 20 years, Charlie Remington, a Nutritionist, Herbalist and Healing Minister, has helped change the way thousand of clients
Strong Mind Strong Body
Fat Loss is not a destination, it is a way of life

Coach's Stats for this Month

The Fat Loss Coach has over 100,000 satisfied clients. 650,000 pounds of Fat lost (just in Connecticut!). Isn’t it time for you to become a client today?
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  • Testimonial

    Denise is now the butterfly…

    Denise, 40 lb. of fat lost

    Denise lost an impressive 40 lb. of fat, while adding 6 lb. of muscle and she made it to the TOP of the tree... The best part is the change in her heart... How do I know? She has kept it off for more than two years...Some are fooled thinking they have changed, but it is like gluing the wings of a butterfly on a caterpillar at some point they will fall off... True change is when the caterpillar becomes the butterfly... Denise is now the butterfly...

  • Testimonial

    Off Medication

    Ron, lost 30 lbs. of fat, gained 5 lbs. of muscle

    Ron lost 30 lb. of body fat and gained 5 lb. of muscle in only nine weeks at the young age of 75 years old... His doctor was amazed with his blood work and took him off his medication... 

  • Testimonial

    Healing Lifestyle

    Debbye, 30 lb. of fat , gained 5 lb. of muscle

    A new lifestyle has healed Debbye of several metabolic disorders she had been medicated for over many years

  • Testimonial

    Hidden Treasure

    Sal, 135 lbs lost

    Our journey together has been amazing, and now ALL can see the treasure, which was once hidden… Sal has lost an incredible 135 lb. and has totally transformed his life spirit, mind and body and Coach is so proud of him…

  • Testimonial


    Michele, lost 31 lb. of fat, gained 5 lb. of muscle

    Several times along the way Michele would express what the scale said. The Coach would always be quick to redirect her thoughts. She already had the finish living inside her...

  • Testimonial

    Competitor at heart

    Janet, 15% body fat

    Janet competed at 113 lb. at 15% body-fat with women 20 years younger

  • Testimonial

    Seemingly Unatainable

    Bill, Lost 55 lb. of fat

    Bill was starting out at 276 lb. at 37.1% body fat and had 102 lb. of fat… To get to the desired 22% body fat Bill would have to lose 52 lb. of fat, while maintaining his muscle… 12 weeks after starting the program, he had lost 55 lb. of fat!

  • Testimonial

    Rewriting Destiny

    John, Lost 30 lb. of fat

    Powered by the Coach’s Glyco-Cycle, it has rewritten John’s destiny… John has lost an amazing 30 lb. of fat and increased his lean muscle by 3 lb. in only 12 weeks…

  • Testimonial

    Referred by a Cosmetic Surgeon

    Kristi, lost 11.2 lb. of fat, body fat from 33.1% to 26.5%

    Kristi, frustrated she was considering having a cosmetic procedure to remove the un-fatted fat, was referred to the program by her cosmetic surgeon. In three weeks Kristi lost 11.2 lb. of fat and her body fat dropped from 33.1% to 26.5% at a body weight of only 126 lb.

  • Testimonial

    couldn’t do it…

    Leslie, lost 34 lb. of fat, gained 5 lb. of muscle

    At 65, starting at 192 lb. and at 49% body fat Leslie didn't believe she could do it. In just 12 weeks Leslie lost 34 lb. of fat and increased 5 lb. of muscle…

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