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Yes we CAN

Before I workout I pray for God’s strength and protection, but most of all His companionship…. It was late afternoon and getting to the end of my workout…. My body was telling me to stop, but the voice inside began to talk while I was...
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The FACTS versus The TRUTH

The facts are changeable, and the truth does not change… When I left the house yesterday the truth is my spirit was soaring and I was ready to rock… I get to the middle part of my day and it is time to work out… Go out to my car to get my bag of...
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Handle with “prayer”

God always answers prayer… ALWAYS… The mystery of God is many times our human understanding thinks God’s timing is off… Well, that is because God’s timing is so much better than ours…Yesterday I received a letter from a woman I prayed with...
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Another starfish saved

Two decades ago when I started my journey helping clients, I thought the mission was to help them to lose weight… My approach was unique, because it was customized to the client and targeted only the unwanted fat and managed their hormonal responses…...
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Today a visit from Superman

Over the years The Fat Loss Coach has had so many special visitors and each one brought such a powerful message… Today was really special I had a visit from Superman his name is Sergio he is five years old but what a messenger… He came with...
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