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lose weight in CT Hamden

12-Week Fat Loss Challenge Program


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Product Description

12 Week Online “Virtual” Program

  • Fat loss Coach Questionnaire which is filled out with enrollment. This questionnaire allows the Coach to customize your program to your individual needs.

  • Become A Winner at Losing customized nutrition program. This includes your customized 3 day eating cycle ( Glyco-Cycle), along with supporting behavior and food exchange materials.

  • Grocery shopping list. You’ll not only be customized to the portion of foods, but the brand names themselves.

  • Laws of the Lean Audio CD. You’ll listen to your own 30 minute behavior pep talk each day with the Coach himself.

  • Fat Loss Coach Helpful Guidelines, which takes you step by step, in following your new lifestyle.

  • Fat Loss Coach, Questions for the Coach… After 70,000 coaching sessions, The Coach answers questions before they’re asked.



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