Charles Remington

Charles Remington
Nutritionist, Herbalist
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It has been my life’s passion to help thousands rediscovered bodies they haven’t seen in a very long time . . . in fact, many report they uncover bodies they had never seen. The accomplishments have all occurred one body at a time, and I believe there is no better body to experience the next success than yours.

As a nutritionist, fitness expert, and two-time Mr. Connecticut, I quickly developed a reputation for knowing what to do to create a lean, fit body, and proved repeatedly that I could do the same for others. Seemingly overnight, hundreds – and later thousands – sought my expertise. No matter who came looking for help, my system worked. It was amazing. Whether it was a 25-year-old overweight construction worker or an obese 71-year-old grandmother, the plan worked. Each participant experienced fat loss without losing muscle by following my three-day eating cycle. How is this possible, you ask? The answer is simple: unlike generic diets and weight-loss programs, my concept was individually designed to meet the specific requirements of each person.

The results were astonishing, but I came to realize that something was missing. No matter how monumentally the physical change, some were unable to maintain the results. The Lord would show me that the problem was not only external, but also internal. I now understood there needed to be a nutritional, emotional, and spiritual change in order for total healing to occur. Thus, Becoming a Winner at Losing was born.

Becoming a Winner at Losing is a unique holistic wellness program that combines scientifically sound eating and lifestyle routines that will ignite your metabolism and redirect your spirit, producing dramatic weight loss. In addition to rapid weight loss, my program improves overall health and contributes to emotional and spiritual well-being.

Facts about Charles Remington -
Fat Loss Coach 87%
Pounds Shed 75%
Personal Coaching Hours 70%
Clients Helped 100%
Enthusiasm 100%