The GLYCO-CYCLE is a systematic three-day eating cycle in which low glycemic carbohydrates are used in order to allow the body to convert stored body fat into energy without the loss of lean muscle tissue. To reduce body fat percentages, not only must stored fat be used for energy, but any additional deposits of fats must be prevented. This is accomplished by using two powerful concepts of controlling carbohydrates contained in the GLYCO-CYCLE.

The first concept is a three day eating plan which rotates the amount of carbohydrates that a person would receive each day. On day one and two the person receives 80 percent of the carbohydrates that their body requires. This encourages the body to use stored body fat to form the Adenosine Triphosphate or (A.T.P.) which generates the energy for muscle contractions. On day three the carbohydrates are increased back to normal levels. This replenishes the glycogen storage in the muscle and the additional calories consumed in the form of carbohydrates boost the metabolic rate. The three day cycle prevents the loss of lean muscle tissue and allows the body to use stored body fat, without lowering its metabolic rate. 

The three day cycle changes the body chemistry of most overweight individuals from being sugar burners and fat storers into sugar storers and fat burners. Most people with high percentages of body fat have allowed their bodies to self adjust and activate glucose (sugar) burning enzymes and suppress the fat burning enzymes. This occurs as a result of too much carbohydrates or wrong type (high glycemic), which creates erratic blood sugar levels. When blood sugar levels vary from high to low the body self adjusts to burning enzymes when blood sugars are low. The end result is a fatter body that has been conditioned to burn sugar and store fat. 

By limiting the amount of carbohydrates on day one and two the body self adjusts by releasing an enzyme called glycogen synthase, which allows for greater glucose storing ability on day three, when added sugars are available. By not only controlling the amount of sugar, but also slowing the time it converts to blood sugar (low glycemic), the body self adjusts and activates more fat burning enzymes. The end result is a leaner body that has been conditioned to store sugar and burn fat. 



This is not a story about a secret method Tour de France champions use to create an amazing physique; though the cycle used here will create a champion body in you…

This is not even a story about a bicycle, but it will have you spinning your wheels to a body maybe you thought wasn’t possible…

The history of the bicycle teaches us a lesson changing what we thought works opens the door to revolutionary change….

If you go back more than a century it was thought to make the bike go faster the solution was to keep increasing the size of the front wheel…. The front wheel kept getting bigger and bigger; until someone discovered we can power the bike by the rear wheel which revolutionized the bike design and its speed and handling. ..

The same has been true with the weight loss industry it has been long thought the secret was to continually feed the body less calories than it used … The end result was weight loss, but with loss of muscle, reduction in metabolism and an unfriendly partner with exercise… No matter the name of the diet or make up of proteins, carbohydrates or fat the logic of diets is less than you use…

It all that changed when the Coach invented the GLYCO-CYCLE; a breakthrough in managing hormone and metabolic responses “cycling” fat burning days with recovery days… The best news is the GLYCO-CYCLE could be personalized to fit anyone, no matter the age or condition of health or fitness…

No better success story than taking a “cycling instructor” of spinning several hours on a two wheel bike and placing him on a 3 day GLYCO-CYCLE now spending over 100 hours per week in a fat burning, muscle friendly mode… His name is Chris and he has been a spinning instructor for many years… Like many the Coach meets, Chris was frustrated with the amount of time he spent on the bike, but had a body fat percentage much higher than his recommended ideal….

The Coach is happy to report in only 12 short weeks Chris lost 25.1 lb. of fat and increased his muscle 6.7 lb., and his body fat dropped from 28% to an impressive 16.5% at a body weight of 171 lb.; which is 2.5% body fat under the recommended ideal for a man 54 yr. old… Chris still spends several hours each week on a spinning bike going nowhere, but his body composition has made the journey to amazing… God bless… Coach